Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Have you previewed the book yet?

I'm not sure if people interested in the HOPAu project have taken the time to look at the books that Laura Hale has compiled for the project. They're dynamic content, meaning as we help develop the content, the book compilation get's updated too. In this screen recording I take a look at the Australian Paralympians book, checking out how much a paper back version costs from PediaPress, and previewing the look and feel of it. I stopped short of actually buying one because well, I'm as poor (or tight) as the next guy and, the content is still rapidly developing. I'll buy one in a few months time I reckon... but others might like to think about getting a 'before' version, and an 'after' version later. Or maybe you'd just like to compile your own book, made up of your favourite Wikipedia pages about the Paralympics - yes, you can do that... see the left hand menu item called: "create a book".

Laura has also compiled another book called, Australia at the Paralympics. See if you can work out from my screen recording how to check that one out, it's equally as interesting.

The Book feature on all Wikimedia Projects - pretty cool.