Monday, November 28, 2011

Identifying competitors: Your help needed!

We have a new category in Wikimedia Commons: Unidentified paralympic competitors that groups photos that we need help identifying who everyone is in the photo.

If you can help, take a look at the image thumbnails, click one to make it larger, read the description to see who we do and don't know in the image, if you think you know who the 'other' person is then please let us know. You can do this by:
  1. editing the image page directly
  2. leaving a message on the page's discussion (tab at top of page), 
  3. leaving a comment on this blog post, 
  4. or sending a message to the HOPAu email forum. 

Any of those channels will get to us all eventually.

Here's an example:

We know who the Australian in the middle is, the one challenging for the ball, it's Amanda Carter. But who is the person playing the ball, and who is the person on the left frame? So far, the image's description reads:
Australian women's wheelchair basketballer Amanda Carter challenges for the ball in a game against the USA at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games
So, if you know who the people are in the 1996 team from the USA, you can probably help us!