Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apologies for the blog not being maintained

We're very sorry to have not been able to maintain our documentation of the project on this blog. We lost one of our crew members back in March, and those of us who remain have been so busy with the actual doing that we haven't had time to keep people posted here.

The best place to get all the up to date information is the email forum. It's been VERY active of late, so making sense of things there will be a bit of a mission for you, unless you join up and follow along. Aside from that, all the background information, and some of the latest developments on the Wiki fronts, is being updated on the Wikimedia Outreach site.

Once again, we're sorry for this under capacity on our part. We hope you're able to keep up with things without the blog.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Covering Paralympic events

One of the requirements of participants in the Wikimedians to the Games project is to contribute at least one article to Wikinews. In 2012 there is a very full calendar of international Paralympic events in almost every state and territory that may provide opportunities for participants in the project to write articles and gain points. Until Thursday this week, the Olympic and Paralympic Swimming selection trials are on in Adelaide. The Olympic trials are dominating the media and the Paralympic events are gaining almost no attention and no television coverage, despite some very good performances so far. The APC can arrange media accreditation at the trials for Wikimedians to write for Wikinews and for photographers. Please contact Tony Naar at the Australian Paralympic Committee to arrange accreditation.

Here is a summary of events that will take place between now and 20 April. Please contact Tony Naar at the Australian Paralympic Committee for further information about any of these events:

22 Mar: Athletics - Allcomers/Waratah Series, SOPAC, Homebush, NSW
22 Mar: Athletics - VIC Milers Club, Box Hill, Melbourne, VIC
23 Mar: Athletics - UQ Track & Field Meet, UQ track, Brisbane, QLD
23 Mar: Athletics - WA State Championships (Day 2), WA Athletics Stadium, Perth, WA
23-25 Mar: WC Basketball Men - Men National League Rd 3, Various cities
23-26 Mar: Rowing - National Selection Regatta, SIRC, Penrith, NSW
24-25 Mar: Talent Search - Multi Sport Talent Search Day, Darwin, Blacktown (NSW), Gold Coast, Melbourne, Marion (SA).
24-25 Mar: Athletics - ACT State Champs, Canberra, ACT
28-29 Mar: Equestrian - State Based Clinic (WA), WA
28 Mar-1 Apr: WC Tennis - Pensacola Open (ITF1), Pensacola, USA
28 Mar-9 Apr: Football - Dream Asia Cerebral Palsy Football Tournament (Comp: 1-7 April), United Arab Emirates
29 Mar-1 Apr: Sailing - Dry Training Camp, AIS, Canberra, ACT
30 Mar-1 Apr: WC Basketball Women - Women National League Rd 2, Dandenong, VIC
30 Mar-1 Apr: Athletics - SA State Championships, Santos Stadium, Adelaide, SA
30 Mar-1 Apr: Athletics - NSW State Champs, SOPAC, Homebush, NSW
30 Mar-1 Apr: Athletics - QLD State Championships, Atste Athletics Centre, Brisbane, QLD
30 Mar-1 Apr: Equestrian – Deauville, France
31 Mar-8 Apr: Shooting - PA National Championships (Pistol), Cessnock, NSW
1 Apr: Athletics - WA State Championships (Day 3), WA Athletics Stadium, Perth, WA
1-9 Apr: WC Basketball Men - Overseas PPP Camp-Rollers (Dates: 1-4 April) International Tournament-Rollers (Comp Dates: 6-8 April), Varese, Italy and Belgium
2-6 Apr: Shooting - TRA National Championships (Rifle), Claremont, WA
4-8 Apr: WC Tennis - Florida Open (Super Series), Florida, USA
5-8 Apr: Equestrian - Brasilia Grand Prix, Brazil
5-12 Apr: WC Basketball - International Competition (Men's Development Squad), Dubai
7-13 Apr: Sailing - SKUD18 National Championships, Sydney, NSW
8 Apr: Athletics - Australian Masters National Championships, Melbourne, VIC
9-13 Apr: Sailing - Access World Champs (SKUD18) - Non-Official IFDS, Sydney, NSW
9-14 Apr: Table Tennis - 5th Al Watani Champs (Factor 20), Amman, Jordan
9-14 Apr: Swimming - AUS National Age Championships, Sleeman Sports Centre, Brisbane, QLD
10-13 Apr: Table Tennis - AWD National Championships, Gold Coast, QLD
10-14 Apr: Equestrian - Selection Meet #3, Werribee, VIC
12-14 Apr: Shooting - IPC World Cup (TBC), Szczecin, Poland
12-15 Apr: Equestrian – Moorsele, Belgium
12-15 Apr: Goalball Women - PPP Camp, Canberra, ACT
13-15 Apr: Athletics - National Championships, Melbourne, VIC
13-15 Apr: WC Basketball Women - Women National League Rd 3, TBC
13-16 Apr: Football - National Championships including national classification, Rockhampton, QLD
14-15 Apr: Cycling - National Handcycle/Road Championships including National classification, Sunshine Coast, QLD
15-17 Aug: Equestrian - PPP Camp, Werribee, VIC
16-20 Apr: Cycling - PPP Camp, Sunshine Coast, QLD
17-19 Apr: WC Rugby - LOCOG Test Event (International Invitational), London
17-21 Apr: WC Basketball - Kevin Coombs Cup (State Teams) including national classification (TBC), Perth, WA
18-22 Apr: WC Basketball Women - PPP Camp, Canberra, ACT
19-25 Apr: Table Tennis - China Para Open (Applied for Factor 40 TBC), Beijing
20-22 Apr: WC Basketball Men - Men National League Rd 4, Various
20-27 Apr: Sailing - Semaine Olympique Francaise (SKUD18), Hyeres
21-25 Apr: WC Tennis - South Africia Open (ITF1), Sun City

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wikimedians to the Games (W2G)

Wikimedians to the Games (W2G) is a an opportunity for two Australian Wikimedians to go to London and cover the 2012 Summer Paralympics held in London for Wikinews, Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. W2G is played and won by skill of editing. The purpose of W2G is to encourage content improvement related to the history of the Paralympic Movement in Australia and make editing on Wikipedia fun.

Wikimedians to the Games begins on 10 January 2012 and is structured as a two round tournament. The plan for the tournament is as follows:

10 January 2012 to 20 April 2012: We start with one group of all participants, with the top 4 from that group progressing to the second round. These four will be given press passes to cover the 2012 Paralympic Games.

22 April 2012 to 30 June 2012: 4 participants left, points set to zero for the second round. The top two editors of round 2 will earn paid transportation and accommodation to cover the Paralympic Games in person.

For the full details see Wikimedians to the Games.