Monday, July 4, 2011

Wikiversity as a project space

Cover of the original tender PDF
UCNISS originally prepared their tender to the APC, on Wikiversity. It was an open tender. From the first sentence to the last image and budget amount, all of it was openly accessible to anyone with interest. UCNISS even extended an invitation to any 'competing' tenderer, to join the open tender if they saw strengths in a collaboration.

The APC took up the UCNISS proposal, and strengthened the proposal by adding an expert historian from the University of Queensland to the project, Murray Phillips. The project now continues to be managed and documented on the Wikiversity page, with the original tender now moved into a sub page archive.

Things like the project's objectives, monthly tasks, meeting notes, data sets, and budgets are stored on the Wikiversity project space. Some communication takes place there also, but the email list is the primary communication channel for day to day activities.