Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wikipedia and Commons work begins

Priya Cooper after medal presentation
at the 1996 Atlanta games
Laura Hale has drafted a new Wikipedia page for Australia at the 1996 Summer Paralympics, and work continues by a few experienced Wikipedia volunteers and HOPAU project people, to build up that page and cross check facts. See the discussion page for editing to-do lists and issues to work out, and please feel free to add any review comments and suggestions there, or edit the page directly. Our hope is to develop this page to a quality standard that will serve as an example for all subsequent Wikipedia pages covering Australia at Paralympic Games.

Tony Naar has been working to get 86 images taken during the 1996 Summer Games, released onto Wikimedia Commons so they can be used to compliment the new Wikipedia page. These images have begin appearing in the Wikimedia Commons category for the 1996 Summer Games.

John Vandenberg has nominated the new Wikipedia page for Wikipedia's Did You Know project, which could see our work listed on Wikipedia's main page. If successful, this may help our effort to attract collaborators to assist with editing. John has also tweaked the Wikipedia project space for the Paralympics Taskforce, adding a prominent news banner and mentioning the new page for Australia at the 1996 Summer Games. We hope this will also help in attracting more editors. We'll be doing our best at logging all Australian Paralympics Wikipedia work on that project page.

The Wikiversity page for The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia project overall, continues to develop, with some items on the To-Do list getting check off, and a growing List of Contributors that we plan on reaching out to for assistance in editing Wikipedia articles - after we officially go public. A new Quality Statistic table was added by John that will track all Australian Paralympcis related Wikipedia pages and their status in the various quality review processes such as Featured Page.