Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Start of a new year? That means it's time for the annual count of the pageviews of articles created through the Australian Paralympic history project in 2018, courtesy of Ross Mallett. And it was a new record for a non-summer Games year - 1,971,930 pageviews! That's an average of 5,402 for every day of 2018.

Why the record? The winter Games in March bumped it up a bit, but more important appear to have been the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and the profiles of two Paralympians in particular - Kurt Fearnley and Dylan Trillan Alcott. Kurt carried the flag for Australia in the closing ceremony of the Comm Games and was subsequently named as the NSW Australian of the Year for 2019 and Dylan became even more of a superstar at the Australian Open in January and then through his media roles and by seeming to appear in every ANZ Bank ad for the year.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed to the project in 2018 - you are amazing people and you make this a wonderful project.

For the first time in a few years, classification articles didn't dominate the top 10, although they did make up half of the top 30 articles. Once again, this illustrates the need to do some serious work on those articles and the importance of a project through the International Paralympic Committee.

Here are the figures, separated out into the top 15 articles of people, and then the top 15 about other topics:


Dylan Alcott                              182,838                                                   
Kurt Fearnley                           125,933                                                   
Madison de Rozario                   44,716                                                   
Isis Holt                                       37,824                                                   
Jan Cameron (coach)                 35,185                                                   
Ashley Adams                             30,387                                                   
Ellie Cole                                     25,627                                                   
Timothy Disken                           22,654                                                   
Damien Thomlinson                   22,049                                                   
Lakeisha Patterson                    18,928                                                   
Evan O'Hanlon                            17,331                                                   
Heath Davidson                          16,145                                                   
Katie Hill                                     14,087                                                   
Kelly Cartwright                          12,390                                                   
Matt Levy                                    11,680                                                     
Total pageviews people          617,774

Other articles  
T38 (classification)                    101,506                                                   
T35 (classification)                      36,828                                                   
Disability sport classification      23,685                                                   
Para-alpine skiing                        21,503                                                   
Para-swimming classification     20,055                                                   
T44 (classification)                      19,974                                                   
S9 (classification)                        19,312                                                   
Para-athletics classification        15,926                                                   
S10 (classification)                      13,308                                                   
T54 (classification)                      12,323                                                   
S7 (classification)                        12,290                                                   
S8 (classification)                        11,857                                                   
BC2 (classification)                     11,777                                                   
S14 (classification)                      11,291

Total pageviews other              331,635