Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wikipedia stubs for all games and medalists

Laura Hale scaring kids off the play gym
Ok, we'll admit it.. Laura Hale is a machine. I'm glad she's with us.

Laura is weeks from completing Wikipedia article stubs for all the Paralympic games that Australian's participated in, as well as stubs for all Australian medalists at those games! This work pretty much maps out the primary scope of the HoPAu project, and we build up from here. We need to go to each of the pages for the games Australians participated in, and list the Australian medal winners on that page.

Statistics on the Australian medalist pages
Since 9 August we've added:
  • Three "B rated" articles to Wikipedia, about Australian Paralympic medalists, out of three total
  • Three "C rated" out of three total
  • One "Start" out of ten total
  • 298 "Stubs" out of 343 total
Statistics for the pages about Australia at the Paralympics
Since 9 August we've added:
  • Two "C rated" out of two total
  • One "Start" out of three total
  • 14 "Stubs" out of 27 total

Laura has also been working on getting a few pages onto Wikipedia's Did You Know (DYK) where if successful, can attract several thousand views to any one page, occasionally bringing in another volunteer editor, who usually assists with copy editing and the like. Here's what featured on DYK recently:

Since the start of HoPAu, we've had six articles posted on Wikipedia's Did You Know (DYK), and four scheduled to appear shortly.
  1. Elizabeth Edmondson - 4,000 views
  2. Priya_Cooper - 3,100 views
  3. Liesl_Tesch - 2,400 views
  4. David Hall (tennis) - 695 views
  5. Australia_at_the_1996_Summer_Paralympics - 498 views
  6. Frank_Ponta - 300 views
  7. Fabian Blattman - scheduled for DYK
  8. Daniela Di Toro - scheduled for DYK
  9. Alicia Aberley - scheduled for DYK
  10. Troy Sachs - scheduled for DYK

Other news
Behind the scenes we're discussing an incentive program to motivate Wikipedia editors to jump in and improve on the stubs and DYKs. We hope to make an announcement on this program by the end of November.

We're making some progress on scanning and releasing more images, and hopefully we'll see some audio from athletes on site as well. Laura spends a day a week down at the NSIC scanning, with Tony Naar sourcing and negotiating copyrights. If you have copyrights on any imagery relating to Australia at the paralympic, please get in touch. Paralympian Elizabeth Edwards donated 6 images to aid with the development of her Wikipedia page, which successfully featured on DYK.

Further to the workshop held in Perth last month, the GLAM Newsletter on Outreach Wikimedia published a report by Laura and John Vandenberg.