Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Wikipedia entry for Amanda Fraser

new Wikipedia article was created about Amanda Fraser last month, by UK resident, Neil Edwards (Waacstats). The page uses an image released to Wikimedia Commons by APC's General Manager of Knowledge Services, Tony Naar.

I've counted 10 or 11 different editors who have helped out with the Amanda Fraser page so far, with Steven Zhang making a very significant contribution. The page currently gets an average of 12 views each day. But on the 12 August, views spiked to 3800 as a result of John Vandenberg's work in successfully nominating the page for Wikipedia's Did You Know project. When a page is successfully nominated to DYK, it is linked to from Wikipedia's main page, accounting for the spike in page views.

Waacstats is another prolific Wikipedia editor, especially focused on creating article stubs, and helping out in sorting stubs. He's been awarded a heap of Barnstars (a peer reward and recognition gesture on Wikipedia), and I'm hoping to get an interview with him when he get's back from holidays. Perhaps Barnstar awards are something the HOPAU project might consider, to give recognition to people who make significant contributions to pages to do with Australian paralympians..?